Frequently Asked Questions:

Who do I contact to make a reservation or receive more information regarding the Michael Joyce Room?

To submit and inquiry: Email at [email protected]

How many guests can the room accommodate?
In order to maintain our service standards and your comfort we limit the Joyce Room occupancy to a maximum of 40 guests with limited seating. Sit-down service is a maximum of 25 guests.

What are the fees for reserving the room?
A room fee is requested at the time the reservation is made for the Joyce Room. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the room fee is $50. All other days the room fee is $35.

Are there any minimum requirements?
No way!

What does the room offer?
A private restroom, complimentary high speed internet service, projection screen capabilities, speakers for surround sound, and an MP3 or iPod playing set up.

What time is the Michael Joyce Room available?
For all events requesting food, the Joyce Room is available during normal restaurant hours with the last reservation available at 7 pm. Business meetings may begin at 9 am.

What is the Seated Service Menu?
The seated, served meal can accommodate up to 25 guests comfortably. This can be more formal; an event during which all guests are seated at the same time to be served a selected meal guided by the host.

What is the Catering Menu?
The Catering Menu is designed for events with up to 40 guests. This menu can offer a more social event during which guests would design their own plates from the platters provided and chosen by the host. There is limited seating offered, but most guests would be standing and mingling.

Which menu is right for me?
Please have two considerations when determining which menu style is right for you: the number of guests in attendance and the formality of the event. The seated, served meal is designed for smaller groups and therefore if your guests are 25 or less then this is an option for you. If you would like guests to stand and mingle, as well as choose when they would prefer to eat, the catered meal is an option for you.

What are my beverage options?
Please ask the Event Coordinator for beverage pricing. All prices are by the glass. Wholesale prices or beer by the barrel are not available. Your private server will also cocktail so your guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

Is dessert available?
Choose from our Irish Bread Pudding with whiskey cream sauce or decadent Carrot Cake to add the final touch to your event. Each dessert is priced at $6 per serving. You are also welcome to bring in your own desserts with a $15 plating and cutting fee.

Am I able to bring in outside food, dessert, or beverages?
Due to health, safety and liquor laws, all food and beverages must be supplied by County Clare and must be consumed onsite with the exception of desserts. Any outside dessert will require a food waiver to be signed.

May I decorate the room for my event?
Yes, of course! All decorations are must be approved by the Event Coordinator. Candles are available upon request. Ivory linens may be placed upon all tables for $25. You may choose to pre-order flowers, balloons, or other decorations and have them sent to County Clare. We kindly ask that you do not bring any confetti or glitter into the space.

Are there any policies I should be aware of?
A guaranteed number of guests and food must be confirmed one week prior to the event. We require at least one-week prior notice to the event to cancel. If you cancel after that time you will not receive a refund of the room fee.

Is a contract required?
All items discussed with the Event Coordinator will be entered into a contract for your review and final commitment. Additional policies are listed on this contract. This is to ensure communication between all parties. Please discuss all questions and options with the Event Coordinator. These answers are to help with basic questions, but each event is a wonderful and different experience. We would love to explore all options to make your day special!

Email: [email protected]